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  • New Works New Works
    • New Works

    • I have always been attracted to coasts and seascapes in general, as I love the sense of infinity and endless searching that they give me. The subject of the next work will usually come to me when I am out by the sea, feeling the elements, by which time I know what direction the composition will take[...]
    Acrylics & Mixed Media Acrylics & Mixed Media
    • Acrylics & Mixed Media

    • There is never a conscious plan to include abstract elements in my paintings. They develop by virtue of the fact that I like to work, as in my oils, with a limited palette, simplified matter, and the use of a variety of textural effects. I prefer a working process that allows plenty of freedom to re[...]
    Oils Oils
    • Oils

    • I am primarily a landscape painter. The sea, rivers and working ports have had a profound effect on me for years. The challenge presented by the simple seascape, which is nothing more than light and space, I find intriguing. I continue to be moved and excited by my surroundings, still surprised b[...]